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Ebony Macassar
Family: Ebenaceae

Commerical Names :
Macassar ebony, Indian ebony ( UK and USA ); Coromandel, Calamander Wood (UK)

Distribution :
The Celebes Islands .

General Description :
A heartwood with mainly straight grains. The textures is fine and even.

Color :
Dark brown to black. Bands of gray-brown, yellow-brown, or pale brown run through the wood.

Weight :
Average 1090 kg/m 3 (68 lb/ft 3 )

Specific Gravity :

Mechanical Properties :
This wood is used mainly for decorative purposes where strength properties are of minor importance. Exceptionally heavy, dense, hard wood. The black heart tends to be brittle.

Seasoning :
The timber is difficult to dry. The trees are usually girdled for two years before felling, and a further six months air dying in plank or scantling and stored under cover. It should be well protected against too rapid drying to avoid checking and degradation. There is a small movement in service.

Working Properties :
Due to the fact that the wood has a brittle nature, the material may be difficult to work with hand or machine tools. There is severe blunting of cutting edges. Pre-boring is necessary for nailing and it is difficult to glue. The wood takes an excellent finish.

Durability :
Liable to attack by forest longhorn beetle and moderately resistant to termites. The wood is very durable and extremely resistant to preservation treatment.

Uses :
•  Cabinet work
•  Brush backs
•  Walking sticks
•  Snuff boxes
•  Musical instruments
•  Inlay work
•  Billiard cues
•  Decorative veneers
•  Etc.


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