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Indian Rosewood
Family: Leguminosae

Commercial Names :
Bombay blackwood ( India ); East Indian rosewood, Bombay rosewood ( UK )

Distribution :
India – Especially southern India and Java

General Description :
A very handsome timber as well as an excellent turnery wood. The grain is narrowly interlocked producing a ribbon grain figure. The texture is uniform and moderately coarse with a dull surface.

Color :
Rose to dark purple-brown along with dark purple-black lines.

Weight :
Average 850 kg/m 3 (53 lb/ft 3 )

Specific Gravity :

Mechanical properties
•  Bending strength – High
•  Crushing strength – High
•  Stiffness – Low
•  Resistance to shock loads –Medium

Seasoning :
The timber air dries fairly rapidly with no undue grade but must be protected against too rapid drying to avoid surface checking and end splitting. Kiln dries well but slowly, and the color improves during this process. There is small movement in service and it has remarkable dimensional stability.

Working Properties :
There is severe blunting of cutting edges, and is fairly hard to saw or machine due to calcareous deposits present in some of the vessels (the heart is usually boxed out in conversion). It is not suitable for nailing. Glues satisfactorily and requires grain filling for an excellent polished or waxed finish.

Durability :
Very durable and moderately resistant to termites in India . Sapwood liable to attack by powder post beetle.

Uses :
•  High-class furniture
•  Cabinetmaking
•  Shop, office, and bank fitting
•  Flooring
•  Musical instruments
•  Boatbuilding
•  Brake blocks
•  Posts
•  Rafters
•  Exterior joinery
•  Decorative veneers for paneling, doors, cabinets, and luxury interiors, etc


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