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Family: Dipterocarpaceae

General Description:
An evergreen tree with shallowly to straight interlocking grains.

Moderately coarse but even.

Pink-brown to dark brown, sometimes with a purple tint.

Between 690-960 kg/m 3 (40-60 lb/ft3)
Average 740 kg/m3 (46 lb/ft3)
D. tuberculatus weighs 880 kg/m3 (55 lb/ft3) 

Specific Gravity:
Average .74 and .88 respectively.

Mechanical Properties:
•  Bending strength - High
•  Crushing strengths - High
•  Stiffness - High
•  Resistance to shock loads - Medium

These timbers dry slowly and are difficult to dry uniformly from the centre outwards in thick stock or quartered stock. High temperatures will cause resin exudation. Distortion, especially cupping, is considerable and slight collapse may occur. There is high shrinkage in drying and large movement in service. 

Working properties:
These vary according to species but blunting is from moderate to severe when the woos also contains silica. Tungsten carbide saws are advised. Straight grain stock machines cleanly but with a fibrous finish. Planing requires a reduced cutting angle of 20 degrees on interlocked grain. Resin adhering to tools, machines, and fences can be troublesome. Nailing is satisfactory and gluing results are variable. The timbers stain well, but varnishing or polishing require care due to the stain.

Moderate. Non-resistant to attack by powder post beetle, termites. Resistant to preservative treatment.

•  Wharf decking
•  Bridges
•  Light flooring in homes and public buildings
•  Vehicle building
•  Sills
•  Wagon sides and floors
•  Exterior joinery
•  Etc.


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