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White Meranti
Family: Dipterocarpaceae

Commercial Names :
White Meranti (West Malaysia, Sarawak , Brunei , Sabah )

General Description :
The grain is interlocked and the texture moderately coarse but even. Minute grains of silica in the wood are a feature of these species. The surface is lustrous with a ribbon figure on radial surfaces.

Color :
Begins as almost white and matures into a pale orange-brown to a deep gold-brown

Weight :
Average about 660 kg/m 3 (41 lb/ft 3 )

Specific Gravity:

Mechanical properties :
Severe blunting effect on tools due to the high silica content in the ray cells. For sawing, tungsten carbide tipped saws and an increased tooth pitch are recommended. The wood nails and screws well, and glues without difficulty. The wood stains easily and can be brought to a good finish when filled.

Durability :
The heartwood is moderately durable, and varies from resistant to extremely resistant to preservative treatment.

Uses :
•  Furniture
•  Joinery
•  Ship and boat planking
•  Shop fitting
•  Carriage framing

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