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Light Red Meranti
Family: Dipterocarpaceae

Commercial Names :
Meranti ( Malaysia , Sarawak , Brunei ; Indonesia ); seraya (Sabah); white lauan (in part) Philippines .

General description :
This lustrous heartwood's grain is interlocked and wavy and the texture coarse but even. End grain surfaces may show tangential lines of white resin.

Color :
Very pale pink to light red-brown

Weight :
The weight varies from 400 kg/m 3 (25 lb/ft 3 ) to 705 kg/m 3 (44 lb/ft 3 (44 lb/ft 3 ), but the general average is 550 kg/m 3 (34 lb/ft 3 ).

Specific Gravity :

Mechanical Properties :
•  Bending strength Medium
•  Crushing strength - Medium
•  Stiffness - Low
•  Resistance to shock loads - Low.
•  Steam bending class - Very poor as severe buckling occurs.

Seasoning :
Dries fairly rapidly with little distortion but liable to cup. Thicker material dries slowly with tendency to surface checking. There is small movement in service,

Working Properties :
Works well with hand and machine tools with only slight blunting effect on cutting edges. Takes nails and screws satisfactorily and glues well. Produces a good finish when filler is used.

Durability :
sapwood is liable to attack by powder post beetle. The heartwood caries from moderately durable to non-durable. All species vary from moderately resistant to extremely resistant to preservation treatment.

Uses :
•  Interior joinery
•  Light structural work
•  Joinery
•  Carpentry
•  Domestic flooring
•  Paneling
•  Cheap-grade furniture
•  Interior framing, and drawer sides and backs.

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