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Dark Red Meranti
Family: Dipterocarpaceae

General Description :
The heartwood has interlocked grain with a coarse texture. Brittleheart can be present.

Color :
Medium to dark red brown with conspicuous white dammar or resin streaks.

Weight :
Average 670 kg/m 3 (42 lb/ft 3 )

Specific Gravity :

Mechanical properties :
•  Bending strength - Medium
•  Crushing strength Medium
•  Stiffness factor - Low
•  Resistance to shock loads - Low
•  Steam bending classification Poor
•  Severe buckling occurs in steam bending and distortion during drying.

Seasoning :
Slower drying than light meranti, with tendency to distort and risk of splitting and checking in thicker material. There is small movement in service.

Working properties :
Works well with hand and machine tools with only slight blunting effect on tools; sawn surfaces are fibrous. Nailing and screwing properties are good and the wood glues, stains and polishes well.

Durability :
Sapwood liable to attack by powder post beetle. All species are moderately durable to durable, and from moderately resistant to extremely resistant to preservative treatment.

Uses :
•  Exterior and interior joinery
•  Shopfitting
•  Boatbuilding
•  Flooring
•  Etc.

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