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Yellow Meranti
Family: Dipterocarpaceae

Commercial Names :
Yellow Meranti (West Malaysia, Sarawak, and Brunei ); yellow seraya (Sabah); meranti darmar hitam ( Malaya )

General Description :
A non-resinous wood with shallowly interlocked grains. The texture is moderately coarse but finer than Red Meranti and brittleheart is sometimes present. Liable to develop blue mineral stain when in contact with iron compounds in moist conditions.

Color :
Dull yellow or yellow-brown, maturing to dull brown.

Weight :
Ranging from 480-740 kg/m 3 (30-46 lb/ft 3 ). Average weight about 660 kg/m 3 (41 lb/ft 3 )

Specific Gravity :

Mechanical Properties :
•  Bending strength - Low
•  Resistance to shock loads - Low
•  Crushing strength - Medium
•  Stiffness - very low with a moderate steam bending classification.

Seasoning :
The wood dries slowly but well, with a slight tendency to cup. There is some risk of honeycombing in thick sizes and for existing shakes to extend. Small movement in service.

Working Properties :
Works satisfactorily with a moderate blunting effect on tools. Nailing and screwing properties are good. Gluing holds well, and the surface can be brought to a good finish when filled.

Durability :
Sapwood is liable to attack by powder post beetle. The heartwood is moderately resistant to preservative treatment and the heartwood is extremely resistant.

Uses :
•  Light building construction
•  Interior joinery and fittings
•  Furniture
•  Flooring

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