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Family: Sapotaceae

Other Names:
Njatuh (Indonesia); Padang (UK).

Malaya and S.E. Asia.

General Description:
The grain is straight or shallowly interlocked or wavy and the texture moderately fine. Has a resemblance to makore with a moiré or watered silk figure.

The heartwood color varies according to the species, but generally from pale pink to reddish brown, sometimes with darker streaks.

Averaging between 620-720 kg/m3 (38-45 lb/ft3).

Specific Gravity:
.62 - .72.

Mechanical Properties:
•  Bending strength – Medium
•  Crushing strength – Medium
•  Resistance to shocl loads – Low
•  Stiffness – Low
•  Steam bending classification – Moderate

Dries rather slowly with some tendency to end split, distort and surface check. There is medium movement in service.

Working properties:
Some species are siliceous and can cause severe blunting of cutting edges. Non-siliceous wood planes easily to a smooth finish. It tends to split when nailed, but screws and glues well, and stains and polishes to an excellent finish.

Moderately durable. The sapwood is liable to attack by powder post beetle. It is very resistant to preservative treatment.

•  Furniture and cabinet making
•  High-class joinery
•  Pattern making
•  Interior building construction

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