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Red Balau
Family: Dipterocarpaceae

Distribution :
Distribution: West Malaysia, Borneo , Indonesia and Philipines.

General Description :
A hard, heavy, and very dense heartwood with interlocking grains. Moderately slight and even texture.

Color :
Purple-red to dark red-brown

Average 850 kg/m 3 (53 lb/ft 3 )

Specific Gravity :

Mechanical Properties :
•  Bending strength High
•  Crushing strength High
•  Resistance to shock loads High
•  Stiffness High
•  Steam bending classification Moderate

Seasoning :
The timber dries very slowly with considerable degrade in thicker sizes, but distortion is not serious. Checking and splitting may be severe and existing shakes are liable to extend. Boards should be partially air dried before kilning. Movement is medium in service.

Working Properties :
The wood is moderately difficult to work with machines as the interlocking grain and toughness has a blunting effect on tools. Owing to the high density of the timber, the cutting angle should be reduced to 20 degrees when planning. It is unsuitable for nailing or screwing, gluing results are a variable and it is rarely necessary to stain the wood. It can be polished satisfactorily.

Durability :
Very durable. Extremely resistant from insect attack, fungal attack, and preservation treatment.

•  Heavy construction work
•  Bridges
•  Wharf construction
•  Sleepers
•  Boats
•  Etc.


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