Thank you for purchasing IPE Hardwood Decking. In order to have the best results, we recommend the following basic guidelines:

… Keep your IPE Decking Boards clean, dry and out of direct sun light before finishing and installation.

… The construction of your deck must have sufficient ground-side ventilation. Adequate airflow and circulation below the deck is vital to dimensional stability. We recommend at least 12" air circulation beneath decking structure.

… The ends of decking boards should always be sealed with a clear paraffin wax base and sealer immediately after cutting and before installation. We recommend the "Anchor Seal" brand ((888) END-COAT).

… IPE Decking will absorb moisture and expand/shrink slightly. Deck boards must be installed with spacing at least 1/8" between 5_ " boards and 2/16" between 3_ " boards side to side to avoid buckling when the wood expands. Trimming the ends smoothly and butting together tightly considering there is very limited shrinkage or expansion lengthwise.

… We recommend the positioning of pilot holes _" from the end and at least _" from the edges of boards and they should at least 1_" or more into deck joists.

… You may use galvanized dipped nails; however, stainless steel fasteners are recommended for use with IPE Hardwood Decking.

… Wood dust may cause irritation and allergic effect; so we recommend any installers who may be sensitive to certain species should wear protective clothing respiratory mask or goggles to decrease exposure especially if working in an enclosed area.




Nominal 40psf 60psf 100psf

1x6/1x4 32" 28" 24"

5/4x6 42" 38" 32"

2x4/2x6 62" 56" 48"


These spans are designed to allow for minimal deflection of the deck surface. For engineering data, consult a technical guide.

-20 Year Limited Warranty-



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